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Twilight High School Musical (a parody)

I actually started reading Twilight yesterday. A bit late I know.
I had no interest in reading it but a few of my friends have read the books and love them, as well as my mom who read all 4 in like 2 months haha. And they all told me I NEED to read them.
My mom had lent the 1st book out to a friend cause I was still reading Nick & Norahs Infinite Playlist at the time, and she just got the book back in the mail yesterday so I figured I'd give it a shot.
I'm up to chapter 5 and LOVING it!!!!
I cannot wait to read the rest of it and then go onto the rest of the books since my mom owns them all.
Carlos wants to borrow the 1st one when I am done so I'm gonna ask my mom if I can lend it to him when I am finished.

I also want to see the movie. My mom does as well.
Maybe next weekend I'll see if she wants to go.
I dont mind seeing the movie before I finish the book. Books usually tend to be better the the movies (I know for a fact Nick & Norahs Infinite playlist the book was WAY better then the movie lol)) so I fully intend on finishing the book either way.

So yeah.
Gonna go back now nd read some more.

Hope everyone is doing good ♥
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