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Writer's Block: The Season of Giving

The holidays are right around the corner, which means gift-giving (and buying) season is upon us. When do you usually purchase your gifts? What are the benefits/disadvantages of buying when you do?

Usually I wait till like the week or 2 before Christmas and hit up the mall in a rush hoping I can get everything I need.
The negatives to that ... the holiday crowds. HATE IT! Stores are packed and usually a mess cause people throw stuff all over. People tend to also just be plain rude. They need what they need, end of story. I dont have the paitence for it.

This year, I did all my shopping online. And last week no less. Lmao. Yup, I have finished!
Advantages ... no holiday crowds. I was able to find everything I was and order it super fast. Plus I can sometimes find stuff cheaper online then in stores.
Also, I ordered in enough time for everything to get here, and if there are any problems to send it abck and still get it back in time by Christmas.
So all I have left is to go get cards and wrapping paper and gift bags. Piece of cake. That I can totally handle in stores lol.
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