disney_katy (disney_katy) wrote,

So I am currently watching Mean Girls on ABC Family, and I saw a commercial for ABC Family's 25 Days Of Christmas.
And it starts Sunday? Thats more then 25 days.
That will only be November 16th. November 16th - December 25th is 40 days.
I dont understand. And neither does Mina cause I asked her.

I am quite excited though. I LOVE ABC Family 25 Days Of Christmas.
Their original movies are amazing ... and of course classic Christmas movies are good too.
So 40 days will just give me more time to enjoy all the movies.
I'm gonna have to clear up some space on the DVR so I can record a few =)

I just checked the website and it says the 16th - 30th of this month is the countdown to 25 Days Of Christmas.
Lol whatever. Like I said ... just more time for me to watch awesome Christmas movies =)
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