disney_katy (disney_katy) wrote,

So as I mentioned last night I have started ordering Christmas presents.
$198 later, and I am almost finish.
All I have left is my grandma and Carlos. But neither of them know what they want yet.

I was going to pay my $77 phone bill but I unfortunatly dont have enough money in my account now to afford it.
Sad huh?
And I am not getting paid this week cause my mom doesnt have the money right now, so next week I'll be getting $200 instead of $100.
Being broke sucks.

But Im glad to be pretty much done shopping.
And I love onlone shopping.
I dont have to stress and worry about making sure I bought a gift for everyone now like a week before Christmas .... and I didnt have to deal with crazy holiday shoppers in the stores.
I hate holiday crowds. I dont have the paitence lol.

So yay me =)

90210 tonight was really good. Cannot wait till next week.
Now I am watching Privileged.

Hope everyone has a good night
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