disney_katy (disney_katy) wrote,

Hello everyone.
Sorry for the lack in updates & comments.
I am still at my grandmas house ... been here since Monday.
Remember that post I made about my computer being super slow? Well, hers is MUCH worse.
I've been reading my friends list everyday, just a pain in the ass to wait for the page to load if I want to comment. And to do it from my phone isnt much easier.
So hope you all understand =)

Tomorrow I will be back home and be back to commenting and update and all.
Although I also made a new account on here. So tomorrow when I get home I will be fixing it upwith layout, icons and all that pretty stuff lol.
And then of course I will post the link to it here so that whoever wants to, can join me over there.

So, be sure to look foward to that tomorrow!

Hope everyone is doing good ♥
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