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My laptop is soooo extremely friggin slow. Ugh! I cannot stand it.
And there isnt even like a ton of crap on it that maybe that could be the reason ... cause I restored it back to factory settings to be like how it was when I first got it thinking maybe that would speed it up. But nope! So I lost all my music for no reason!!!! I saved all my pics and any graphics to photobucket so thats no biggie.
I just want it to be fast again. Its driving me insane =(

LJ has been being mean to me lately as well and taking like forever to send me an e-mail telling me about new comments I have gotten or about reply comments to me.
So rude!
So, I shall be delayed when responding to any comments. Sorry!

Tomorrow my stepdad is driving me and my sisters into Queens and we are going to spend the week at my grandmas.
Today my grandma told me jokingly to tell my mom to drive us in but then it turned serious cause my mom called her up telling her she was bringing us in.
So, tomorrow morning we are going.
One thing that sucks about that is I only have 1 clean outfit. I have no other clean clothes. Tomorrow was gonna be my laundry day.
So unfortunatly I had to pack all my clothes and wash them tomorrow when I get to my grandmas. Bleh! Such a pain.
Ohh well.

Today me and my mom went to see Twilight.
Love it! Such a good movie.
And I be lovin me some Edward Cullen. Robert Pattinson is hot!
When I would see him in magazines and stuff I didnt think he was all that good looking. His hair was messy and he always looked cocky like he was trying too hard.
But after a bunch of movie previews for the movie I thought he looked super hot in the movie. And after seeing the movie I love him as Edward Cullen.
So, he has kinda grown on me lol.
Not the first time its happened. I use to think Dave Navarro was ugly too when I first learned about him when him and Carmen Electra had that wedding show on MTV, Til Death Do Us Part ... but then I grew to love him as well.
*shrugs* It happens hehe.
But I liked the movie alot. Definitely a new fav =)

Oh and I LOVE Bella's Lullaby from the movie. I actually have the sountrack on my computer and put it on my Zune ... I listen to it on repeat when going to sleep. So pretty and relaxing.
So the last 3 nights it has been my lullaby =-P
Just wish the super hott Edward Cullen was here in my room playing it for me. Haha!!
Ah a girl could dream.

Erm, thats pretty much all.
Hope everyone had a good weekend!
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