disney_katy (disney_katy) wrote,

I wont be around tomorrow, so I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving =)

Me, my parents and sisters are driving into Queens to go to my grandmas house.
She has soooo much food. I'm super excited!
So it should be fun.
We're gonna spend the night then drive back home on Friday.

My days have consisted of reading Twilight.
I started on Thursday I think, skipped Saturday and Sunday ... and I'm still almost finished.
SUCH a good book, I cannot put it down.
My mom has read all 4 books already and I wanna go with her on Saturday to see the movie, but apparantly one of my stepdads friends may be coming up to visit. So we'll see what happens. If not, we'll just go next weekend.

But thats been about all. Pretty boring around here.

Hope everyone is doing good.
Have fun, be safe and dont eat TOO much tomorrow =-P
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